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We're changing the stereotype of “aging gracefully” to “aging optimally” by helping motivated patients continue to live vitally with Integrative Aesthetics & Regenerative Skincare
We've helped hundreds of patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain improve their daily function via various Interventional Regenerative & Orthopedic Medicine techniques
Optimize your health with an integrated, custom-designed treatment plan utilizing IV Infusions, Hormone Replacement, Supplements, Fitness, Nutrition, & Weight Management

At Bond Medical Center, we are re-writing the script on healthcare! Our unique approach and proven processes allow for a more functional and optimal you. Forget 'aging gracefully' and move into aging optimally!

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Are you loooking for
an alternative to surgery?

Does a Regenerative Medicine approach make more sense?

Regenexx uses your body's natural healing ability to repair damage to bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments non-surgically. Proprietary, research-driven techniques allow us to concentrate your cells and to place them in the precise area of your injury to promote healing and to achieve optimal outcomes.

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Hear what Dr. Bond has to say about regenerative medicine

Hear what Dr. Bond has to say about regenerative medicine