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Utilizing non-surgical approaches to relieve chronic pain and injuries, balancing hormones, nutrition, and aesthetics to help you age gracefully, and employing regenerative techniques to stimulate the body’s own healing cells.


Working Together To Find Real Solutions

We are re-writing the script on healthcare — utilizing non-surgical approaches to relieve chronic pain and injuries, balancing hormones, nutrition, and aesthetics to help you age gracefully, and employing regenerative techniques to stimulate the body’s own healing cells.

Adrenal Dysfunction icon

Adrenal Dysfunction

The adrenal glands produce hormones that help to regulate many of your body's functions including metabolism, blood pressure and your body's response to stress. 

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Age Management

We're changing the stereotype of “aging gracefully” to “aging optimally” by helping motivated patients to continue to live vitally.

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Autoimmune and Inflammation

Your immune system defends your body against pathogens and other undesirable elements.

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Back and Joint Pain

Our joints are supported by ligaments and tendons. They assist you in moving and offer support. Peripheral or spinal joint damage brought on by illness or trauma can limit your range of motion and make you very uncomfortable. We have many options for evaluation and intervention and help you improve.

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Chronic Fatigue

Tired of being tired? A thorough history and blood evaluation can hlep to solve the mystery of why.  While muscle pain and constant awakenings may be your worst symptoms, others may be most troubled by memory loss and weariness.

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Chronic Pain

Numerous factors can contribute to chronic discomfort. Chronic pain is frequently brought on by disorders that affect bones and joints as we age. Nerve damage and injuries that do not heal properly are two other common causes.

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Digestive Issues

Digestive problems can be brought on by a variety of factors, including certain meals, medications, the presence of gas or stools, and emotional stress. These issues can affect your body's hormone metabolism.

Fibromyalgia icon


A diffuse and vague disease that affects your bones and muscles that is frequently misdiagnosed and overlooked. Widespread pain in the muscles and joints, as well as, exhaustion are its typical symptoms.

Growth Hormone Deficiency icon

Growth Hormone Deficiency

As we age, growth hormone levels steadily decline which can reduce energy levels, muscle strength, joint health, exercise performance, and metabolism.

Hormonal Health icon

Hormonal Health

We offer many options to help patients evaluate (bloodwork, DUTCH testing or saliva testing) and optimize hormone levels and function whether you need enhancement or replacement therapy.

Low Testosterone icon

Low Testosterone

Low free and/or total testosterone can affect many aspects of life including: mood, sexual desire, erectile function, bone and muscle strength.  We can evaluate fully and offer multiple solutions to maximize your levels.   

Menopause & Peri-menopause icon

Menopause & Peri-menopause

Peri-menopause and menopause cause out-of-balance and declining hormones that can be treated with hormone replacement therapy, as well as, supporting all hormonal metabolism pathways.

Metabolism and Heart Health icon

Metabolism and Heart Health

It is important to keep inflammation under control while optimizing the rest of your physiological and physical health.

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A migraine is a type of headache that may begin as a dull ache and then turn into a constant, throbbing pain felt on one side of the head.

Neck, Shoulder, Back, & Knee Pain icon

Neck, Shoulder, Back, & Knee Pain

We offer multiple regenerative interventions including prolotherapy, platelet based injections and bone marrow derived injections which are used to stimulate natural healing and stabilization of joints .

PTSD icon


We offer a unique intervention called the Stellate Ganglion Block as an effective treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Sexual  Dysfunction icon

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can affect both men and women in all ages of life. Sexual dysfunction symptoms can stem from both underlying physical and psychological problems, as well as hormonal deficiency and imbalances.

Sports Injuries icon

Sports Injuries

Everybody is susceptible to sports injuries. A strained muscle or an ankle sprain are common minor injuries that most individuals have experienced. Dr. Bond has decades of experience treating athletes.

Thyroid Problems icon

Thyroid Problems

Do you have chills, mental fog, weight gain, or thinning hair? Or the opposite: Do you frequently feel pumped up, perspire, or anxious? It might be your thyroid gland's fault.

Unwell and Undiagnosed icon

Unwell and Undiagnosed

Sometimes you just aren't quite sure what is going on. We are here to help!