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Adrenal Dysfunction

The adrenal glands produce hormones that help to regulate many of your body's functions including metabolism, blood pressure and your body's response to stress. 


Beyond fight or flight

Your adrenal glands, which are right above your kidneys, produce hormones all the time in response to your stressors (both actual and perceived.) When they produce too little or too much, patients can feel less than their best. Symptoms typically take time to manifest, frequently over several months, but can include fatigue, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, brain fog, feeling "wired but tired" or even "exhausted all the time."  While the adrenals don't actually fatigue, often the signals we send in terms of stress can cause an alternate hormonal response than the one we desire. 

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Men's Hormone Health

Options to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness with testosterone optimization and replacement therapy.

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Pharmaceutical-grade Vitamins

A hand-selected group of nutritional supplements by Dr. Bond that contain clean, pharmaceutical-grade formulations and are the standard of purity, potency, and performance.

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Women's Hormone Therapy

Focused on optimizing both health and quality of life for women.

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