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Neck, Shoulder, Back, & Knee Pain

We offer multiple regenerative interventions including prolotherapy, platelet based injections and bone marrow derived injections which are used to stimulate natural healing and stabilization of joints .


Stimulate natural healing

Proliferation Injection Therapy, or Prolotherapy is the surgical injection procedure used to stimulate natural healing. These injections are placed into the targeted damaged tissue areas and promote a “proliferative” response by encouraging the body’s immune system to flood into the area and trigger the natural healing cascade. Prolotherapy, with its medicinal roots in Germany, has been practiced in the United States safely for over 70 years.

It can be effective in resolving many chronic pain syndromes such as whiplash injury, low-back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Your Alternative to Orthopedic Surgery

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Proliferation Injection Therapy is the surgical injection procedure used to stimulate natural healing.

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Epidural/Caudal Steroid Injections

Epidural nerve blocks are corticosteroid injections which are used to decrease pain and inflammation caused by a herniated disc, sciatica, or spinal stenosis.

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Sacroiliac Joint Injection

The SI joint injection have a dual, diagnostic and therapeutic, purpose that allows the physician to confirm that irritation or damage to the SI joint is the source of your symptoms and also offer significant pain relief.

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Facet Joint Injections

If you are living with chronic, unmanageable pain from facet syndrome or spinal arthritis, this injection approach offers both a quick resolution and long term relief.

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