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Dr. Bond's Journey to Regenerative Medicine


From Physician to Patient to Expert!

After receiving the traditional (allopathic) medical school training at LSU in New Orleans, residency training in North Carolina and Sports Medicine Fellowship at Duke, Dr. Bond was well versed in the “traditional” approaches to Orthopedic and Sports injuries, which centered on anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, steroid injections and surgery. This was the standard in medical practice. As a patient of many sports-related traumatic injuries throughout many years of competitive sports, he received such treatments, like most do, which seemingly served him well as they “got him back in the game”, at least for a while.

That all came to a stop in 2002 when a car accident left him with multiple disc herniations in his spine. The “standard approaches” had no clinical effect, and in fact left him in a worse condition than prior to the accident. The orthopedic surgeon then recommended multi-level spinal fusion as the “next step”. As a physician who understood the statistics regarding the long-term outcomes of these types of procedures, Dr. Bond decided to decline that recommendation, which left him in constant pain – a great motivator to find alternative treatments which might offer relief.

Through countless hours of research, telephone calls, emails, conferences and workshops, Dr. Bond dedicated himself to finding the most cutting-edge, efficacious treatments which could be done safely. The first regenerative treatment found which met these criteria was called “Proliferative Injection Therapy”, aka, “Prolotherapy”, which was invented and utilized by Orthopedic surgeons in Germany in the 1920’s. In this treatment, proliferative substances are injected into damaged tissue to stimulate a healing immune response to repair the damage by causing proliferation of new, functional tissue. This practice continues in dozens of countries around the world today and serves as the basis of all Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine (IROM) procedures today.

Since his initial treatment in 2003, Dr. Bond has been able to remain functional enough to continue working in this field of which he is so deeply passionate about. Since being the patient in 2003, he has attended several meetings each year, as both student and teacher, in countries around the world. He has performed well over 200,000 regenerative injection procedures on tens of thousands of patients making him one of the most experienced IROM physicians in the world.